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Oceania Seafoods Pty Ltd – Still coaching in 2017

We have had the great fortune of working with Vanessa since October 2008. We have found the experience to be extremely positive.

In the beginning…..

Our company’s output had been growing at an unprecedented rate, so initially I was slightly skeptical of the benefits of coaching as I believed we were doing pretty well on our own. However, upon closer examination (with Vanessa’s help) we discovered a multitude of problems; our internal systems, procedures etc remained outmoded, staff training was poor, debtors were getting out of hand, amongst many others. Recognising the need for extensive improvement, we signed her on.

Working with Vanessa has enabled us to focus on and systematically improve upon those areas which needed fixing. Now you may think, “Well I can do that myself”, as I did. However I have found much greater success when working with Vanessa for a number of reasons; having someone to hold things accountable for, thereby keeping us on track, the objectivity and insight she brings to the business, having a knowledgeable professional, equipped with a wealth of business material to turn to for advice and to be able to discuss matters with. Furthermore, Vanessa has also been training key members of my staff.

Here’s what our Office Manager has to say…..


When Vanessa started coaching me I felt like as if I woke up from a long sleep and started seeing a lot of things need to be changed.
Vanessa helped me to discover my potential to be an Office Manager and that gave me a lot of confidence as well.
With her help I have come up with some great ideas on how to make our job much easier, more effective, and professional.
I am truly grateful that she wasn’t just coaching about making money or being effective but also having a fun at work.

Now 2013

Our Office Manager:

I love my work. But it doesn’t mean that I am accomplishing my role as an Office Manager according to our company’s expectation, goals and objectives. Although I have a strong desire to achieve those, sometime I didn’t know how to do it. When I was in trouble or didn’t know how to deal with the matter, Vanessa was always there for me

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Vanessa’s coaching as well as my wonderful boss “Tats san” who is giving me these leaning experiences.


Our Production Manager: (Yoshio’s first language is Japanese. The testimonial is as he sent it to me)

When I was in Japan, I worked at one of the TOYOTA company for two and half years. I sold over 80 cars every year. I did my best everyday.
I believe that TOYOTA Company in Japan is the highest work efficiency group in the world. That is why I thought that I was strongly a great person.
It was so-called vanity.

Before I met Vanessa, I was already one of manager at Oceania Seafoods in Australia.
I was very conceited and so I always struggled with my emotion.

Oceania Seafood has been grown up everyday so that employee member has been  increasing every year.

Manager have to take care of them, however I could not look after them. Moreover “I could not understand how to do it.”

It was difficult to message them what I want them to do. Also, I could not think about what I was wrong.
I have got many frustration about it.

I have started this coaching since DEC 2011.

After I met Vanessa, I learnt lots of thing.
I had already broken my assumption.

She taught me many special and magical words on my lecture.
That is why I have been enjoying my lecture with her every Tuesday.

However, she taught me what important for me was “STOP, THINK, ASK”, before I reply to them.
I got many skills from her. One of them is “ATTITUDE”.
What is important for people to understand with each other is ATTITUDE.

If I would like to be a great manager and successful in my work, I need some help.
Also, if I would like to be a great manager, I need to respect, care and nurture my team member.
Before I speak to them, I need to stop, think and ask.

I has been controlling my emotion in my mind.
I got confident, calm, sociable, and intellectual, I have got many skills.
Also I have been challenging lots of thing.
I am enjoying her lecture every time.

I am challenging lots of thing and happy to challenge my topic.

I understand that this is important for business people all over the world.

I would like to say thank you to Vanessa.

I definitely recommend this coaching makes you new skills.

In addition, you would find yourself changing your emotional behaviour.

Moreover, you would be surprised how you are a great person.

Please open your mind. The skill is easily acquired.


Yoshio Kiyama

November 2012

Our Sales Manager:

At the beginning I have no idea about business coaching. After I spoke to Vanessa, I know what she is trying to do for us. It is good to have someone like her to remind us our goal, what should be done to becoming a successful manager and how to get the business run smoothly. Especially when you are so busy everyday. It is really good to have someone with an experience and a clear mind to remind you what is missing and how to solve a problem when issue comes up.

Other than coaching on my position. She also change my personality. I wouldn’t say that is the “new me” but I do feel more confident and when to be strong and step up. It is grateful to have Vanessa as my business coach.


Our Filleting Manager:

I don’t usually have much opportunities to talk about work, especially about Filleting team, with others. Until now Tats himself is the rule of the company. It is now good to talk with Vanessa to get some advice or ideas from someone who knows about the systems of other company in Australia                    (translated to English from Japanese)


Our Freezer Manager:

It has been nearly two months since she started coaching me and I could clearly state that her coaching helped me improve the overall work efficiency of the company I am working at. For more than 2 years, I have worked in the frozen item section where I have experienced lots of issues related to stocktaking, expiry dates, HACCP standard cleanliness, and efficiency of the daily picking work. Vanessa has given us the very objective opinions on our work process and suggested many valuable ideas that we have decided to implement in order to achieve better performance from my team. As far as I have witnessed, the accuracy of the daily picking has almost reached perfect for past few weeks, and I am very proud of the results from my team. Now Vanessa and I have been working on the stocktaking and expiry dates to be more systematised and documented, which traditionally our company had not managed to do. I cannot wait to make more great results to happen under her coaching this year.


Here are some of the many improvements that we have achieved over the years;


Delegation not abdication

HACCP Processes


Personal time


Strong Leadership – very confident manager now





Performance Appraisal Process

Job Descriptions

Task Allocation


FISH! Principles

Task Manuals


Debtors – control and processes

Stock Control


Freezers – processes, accountabilities and control

Floor team processes and layout


Fillet – Allocations


Team Meetings


Delivery Standards

Order system and processes

I have seen my staff imbued with a greater sense of purpose and focus, not to mention improvements in their morale and productivity. They are also working with Vanessa to create new systems and improve our existing processes to ensure we are efficient and able to cope with the growth we experience every year.

In short, we have had, and continue to have, a great experience with Vanessa and highly recommend her services to all!

T Arai
Oceania Seafoods Pty Ltd

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