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Brendon Time Management

I’ve never heard of a business owner who is not busy. Always busy! Even when there is not enough work coming in you’re still busy with so many things to keep you in a never-ending workload!

It was one of the first things Vanessa looked at when we hired her as a business coach.  She looked at a couple of strategies to help me be focused on t he most import ant things first and not let the urgent control me. I was addicted to urgent! I was fully attuned to the urgent!  I would respond exactly to what was most urgent at the time and felt very accomplished being able to ‘fix’ so many things every day!  Unfortunately, even I knew it wasn’t a very productive way to operate.  Each year I would say I really want to make progress in a particular area of the business only to get to the end of the year and say, ” oh dear, I was too busy to get to it “.

Vanessa suggested a simple weekly focus sheet that would suit my needs and get me to change the way I handled what should be done each week.  Just lay out a template A4 page with each working day in big sections with a little space at the end for any extra notes.  Before the week starts lay out the most important things to do in t he week ahead – preferably not more than one or two items per day.  These items are to be the most important  – not the most urgent!  All other items are added into the list as well, but the idea is to focus on the most important items before any other items.

Very simple power of focus on the most important, the right things, rather than getting hijacked by the urgent.

Very quickly I noticed the difference in getting things done and achieving what was desirable.  I felt that over time this little coaching item would become one of the most impacting things on my achievement. This one little item in time could be said to have made the cost of coaching worth it just all by itself!

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