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Brendon Time Management

I’ve never heard of a business owner who is not busy. Always busy! Even when there is not enough work coming in you’re still busy with so many things to keep you in a never-ending workload! It was one of the first things Vanessa looked at when we hired her as a business coach.


I want to thank you the time we had realigning my business and personal goals.

Essentially it boils down to you helping get my head right, your insights and observations helped me to refocus my energies and look at where I should/could be.

After the sessions I had with you I have become energised again and have started a new business or businesses.

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As I imagine most business owners are, I was very sceptical about taking on a business coach.  I remember telling Vanessa just that at our first meeting, and giving her a hard time.  Purely because I needed to see what the potential results of such an arrangement would be. 


I was perturbed about engaging a business coach, before I realised that it is an investment in both my business and personal life.
I am regularly encouraged and reenergised by Vanessa’s “Planning Day’s” where I have an opportunity to meet other small business owners and discuss the challenges and opportunities that we all face on a day to day basis. Through Vanessa’s structured and thoughtful ‘planning day sessions’ we are able to share and work through methodologies and techniques to assist us (both as a group and individually) in applying simple strategies to improve our businesses and ourselves


Planning Day is the most important day of our quarter. Where we put time aside to discuss and plan not only our next 3 months but our long term goals. Being part of a community planning day means we are able to share and discuss not only various business goals and outcomes but challenges and solutions.


Thank you Vanessa for putting the Growth Club together...EVERY quarter I have achieved THE MAJOR outcome I set out to achieve. Your focus, encouragement and availability have been essential.


GrowthCLUB and attendance at the Planning Days are vital to any business, it’s an opportunity to dream big, work out the steps on how to get there and enjoy the journey along the way.

I never feel alone in my business with Vanessa and her support network.

Vanessa, you're one in a million and without your coaching, help and guidance this would never have happened.


Vanessa is so passionate about what she does and she is a great coach and is always improving herself too. She has been instrumental for clearing the picture of my vision to my business, a master mind of my business and also a destroyer of my comfort zone (be aware!). I have grown deep respect for her over the time since I’ve known her.


Vanessa has proven to be a huge asset to our company and we’ve all had a great experience working with her and recommend her services and Action Coach to any business. So if you are “sitting on the fence” regarding coaching, take a leap of faith and invest in your business coaching through Vanessa from Action Coach like we did.


Vanessa helped me when I was running my small business where I had two wellness spas in Melbourne.  She was instrumental in my understanding of how my personal style influenced how I worked and managed others through the DISC tool. 

Vanessa offers practical advice and solutions that are easy to implement and I recommend her services to anyone that is looking to start a business and is running a business and needs that extra bit of help to up-level by using your time more efficiently, set and meet your goals and increase your profits.


I met Vanessa some 6 years ago and from the very beginning, I really liked her direct, knowledgeable approach to her business and all those she met with.

I have joined Vanessa’s Mentoring group and feel comfortable that I can discuss all aspects of my business without judgement, but with positive input that gives me the courage to move forward confidently. 


I would like to thank Vanessa for her assistance for not only growing me in my role, but also for growing and changing the company I love working at. If you are thinking about bringing Vanessa into your team, I encourage you to do so. You will not be disappointed.

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