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Quarterly Planning Day

So, if you have been talking and talking about having a structured plan and not finding the time to actually create it then execute it, what are you waiting for

Quarterly Planning Day was created within the ActionCOACH system in 2005.

Over the last 16 years I have run over 40 of these days, with others in Melbourne and Perth.


Over the years the process has evolved however in 2020 I really took it to the next level, guided by the feedback of the members of my GrowthCLUB Community. I listened to what they wanted and needed and decided to pull it apart and create a process that fit with their needs yet still created the outcome of having a strong quarterly plan at the end of the day.


This amazing day is all about YOU the business owner taking the much-needed time out of your business to work ON it. Surrounded by a Community of like-minded people you are guaranteed to learn and grow as well as put together a strong plan that will take you and your business toward your Vision.


That’s what it’s all about – Your Vision. So many business owners start out with a clear idea of what they want their business to be and look like and then get caught up in the daily grind, being the technician and forget why they went into business in the first place. This can create dissatisfaction and potentially burn out.

Quarterly Planning Day – GrowthCLUB

is your opportunity to take a step back, look over the top of your business and find that Vision again – or even create a new one.

Setting up your Roadmap, broken down into the 16 parts of business and life, to then select the strategies you are going to work on over the next 90 days. Doing your situational analysis every quarter – Where am I now and Where do I want to be in 90 days on 5 areas of business and life.

Setting yourself up into this cycle ensures more than Control and possible growth, it creates peace of mind knowing that you are DOING what you need to DO, Being who you need to BE to HAVE what you want!


Now, if you think it sounds like a lot of work, then yes, in the early stages of learning the process it can be. That’s the reason I have created a special induction system for new attendees.

After you register, I send you the workbook to print and read through. Then you watch a video, with the workbook close at hand, where I explain exactly how it all works and set you up to do the Pre Work. We then have a ZOOM call on the Monday prior to Planning Day so I can ensure you have completed the pre work, answer any questions and make sure you are prepared to come along, continue the work and have a fun day. Yes, it’s fun. I have a great Community of clients that willingly accept new attendees and they share. Challenges, Wins, Learnings and also, we chat about our personal mindset issues that may be holding us back.


The added Bonus is a one-to-one Post Planning Day session with me where we discuss your learnings, set your goals, review your Roadmap and make a start on creating your first 90 day plan using the new structured process

Who should attend:

  • You
  • Your Team
  • Business Owner Friends

Where: Pagoda Spa & Resort, 112 Melville Parade, South Perth

Conditions of Entry:
Please read and understand the Conditions of Entry to the Pagoda Resort & Spa:


2022 Dates:

  • Friday Febuary 25th
  • Friday May 27th
  • Friday August 26th
  • Friday November 18th

Registration from 8:30am for start at 9:00am sharp, finish time 3:30pm

What to Bring with you:

  • Your completed Planning Day Workbook
  • Business Cards
  • A Great Attitude
  • A Hunger to learn
  • A Jumper or Cardigan (The room can get cold)

On the day you will receive your Planning Day Folder. It contains:

  • Your 4 & 5 Ways Charts, notepaper for your use on the day
  • A slide deck of the Core principles and useful reminders
  • Dividers so you can store ALL your planning documents in there for a year

This process works and is a great way for you to start to gain control, if there is chaos, strengthen your foundation, if there is control and scale your business if you are ready


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