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One to One Coaching

Businesses are either in a level of Chaos or in or close to Control and possibly trying to Scale. Any of these times are the best time to start working with Vanessa.

Every business at some point in time will benefit from One-to-One Coaching. This is an opportunity to go back and have a look at how the business started, what’s working now, what needs fixing and then get a clear understanding of what needs to happen next to achieve the Vision.


How do we get started?

We start with an Alignment Session for 2-3 hours. There is an element of pre work for you to complete. This ensures the success of the session as well as gives you time to think about the answers to the questions. We talk through who you are and what your challenges are and also look at what you set out to achieve when you first started. What were the original plans, goals and more importantly what was the vision? We would then update these plans and goals for the future 12 months and out to 3 & 5 years.


We also go through the operating structure of the business and look at what areas need attention.

Businesses are either in a level of Chaos or in or close to Control and possibly trying to Scale

Any of these times are the best time to start working with Vanessa.

How does the program work?

One to one coaching is either weekly or fortnightly, depending on the speed with which the client wants to get moving.

There is a Roadmap created from the information discussed at the Alignment by the coach and shared with the client then together we go through and work out what strategies we need start working on. This creates a 90 Day Plan as business works in quarterly cycles, and 90 days is a short and long enough period of time to achieve an outcome.

What happens in the Coaching Sessions?

At each coaching session we talk about what your accountabilities were from the previous session and review them, we discuss what is happening now, we discuss challenges, strategies, we might research. There is an accountability process to this as well. The difference coaching with Vanessa is that she gets involved with you and will also help when and where she can, it’s not just a talk fest or a chat. It is a real conversation and a collective effort.

Now Vanessa has one Golden Rule with ALL Clients. If chaos hits between sessions call her now. The worst thing that can happen is that a coaching session is hijacked by something urgent when it could have been dealt with earlier.

What is the financial investment?

People ask what the investment is, and I always say, how long is a piece of string. I am unable to establish any kind of price point until I understand your needs and what will work best for you. I tailor coaching packages to work with what the business owners need as well as what works for my business, after all I am business owner as well.

So, if you think coaching is expensive, think again. With Get Coached there are many options available to work with Vanessa.

Remember asking for help is not showing weakness, it takes courage and perhaps this is your opportunity to create that change you have desired and keep missing those moments because the fires start, and you keep having to react. Wouldn’t it be great to be proactive and see the fruits of your labour with a clear happy mindset and time to enjoy them?

As I say working with me could be the difference between sleepless nights or a pub lunch on a Friday?

This is what some current and previous clients say about the results of working one to one with Vanessa 

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