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Share and discuss challenges, wins and business strategy with people wirh more than 10 years business experience – that’s a lot of wisdom

When you are running your own business sometimes it is easy to forget what you know and sometimes we miss the Taps on the shoulder that negative changes are happening and before we know it we start plunging down the rabbit hole.


More than 80% of businesses fail in the first 5 years and of those 20% that survive another 80% fail before the 10 year mark. Quite a sad statistic really.


So when you have been at “it” for more than 10 years you would think you have a handle on it and all would be going well? 


No, not always. It’s easy to just keep at the daily grind and forget the reason you started the business in the first place. Times change, kids grow up, we get older. For many this is when a serious level of burnout can start to grip them and that is how MentorCLUB was born in 2018.


Review and Realign your Vision

I was chatting with a friend one day about her business and she asked me if we could have an “official” chat. I said sure. We both knew she didn’t need one to one structured coaching; she was actually doing well, however there had been a few bumps recently and she needed to talk them through with someone and that was me.


We got together, we talked about her business, her financials and her life and she realised she had gone off track. Writing plans that were never executed by continuously being driven by working IN the business and then all of a sudden, another year had passed, and it was more of the same.


She said to me it would be great if we could meet a little more regularly to discuss and share these things to help keep me on track and that’s when I realised that ActionCOACH had created yet another programme specifically for this kind of situation, MentorCLUB – I just added my own tilt to it and changed it to be exclusive to business owners 10 years plus.


We put the feelers out and along came another person I had worked with in my business, so we started. Then a couple of months later a client from 2016 called and said, I need you again, and MentorCLUB was the perfect place for him to join in

What do we do in MentorCLUB?

Prior to joining we go through and work out what your position is and what you are experiencing. What change do you need to create? What does you plan need to look like?


We then review and realign your Vision – what is the reason you are in Business and what are your goals.


We then meet fortnightly as a group to share and discuss challenges, wins and business strategy.


You can imagine 4 people in a room, plus me, all with more than 10 years business experience – that’s a lot of wisdom


Accountability from me as well as access outside the meetings for a chat if you need it


This has changed so much for the members in the last 2 years. Back on track, happy and with a clear view of what they want moving forward.


At $550 a month, meeting fortnightly in Applecross at 7.30am on a Tuesday morning until 9am, What are you waiting for? Is now the time to get moving forward again? 

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