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WHY did you start your business?

Most people I meet have forgotten the answer to that question. It seems that many business owners become so INvolved they end up with a job having forgotten their WHY.

I’m lucky enough that my business is an extension of me. My Purpose. Fluffy? Yes it is to some people, for me, it’s important to have your WHY very, very clear.

We get up every day, do our work, go home (or close the office at home) and we BE. Wife/Husband, Parent, Partner etc. The question is WHY? What’s the Dream? The Goal? The reason?

If you remember it, live it and work toward it, that’s great. If you have forgotten or lost sight of it then STOP – Think – Ask yourself and get clear again on your WHY?

It could just be the difference between an ok day and future, or many HAPPY days and a Bright future.

Sometimes the WHY is not yours? Here is a story about a client that had that problem.

He worked and ran a business that was started by his father. He had to jump in when his father took ill. When I met this client, that was 20 years ago. AND he was still there.

Now he loved the business and the work they did, however he didn’t like, nor did he want, to be an owner. He had his own dreams and vision however he was stuck.

When we met he was very unsure about what he wanted. Stay or sell. So we coached. The first 6 months was just about him, talking, venting and peeling off the layers.

Eventually, one day, (in his words) I started to give as good as I got. We began setting weekly and monthly goals and working on the business.

Changes were made and just a little over a year into coaching my client realised that he had a great business, however it was time to sell. I referred him to a broker. He knew exactly who he wanted to buy the business so the broker set about organising the best sale possible.

After 21 months of coaching the business was sold to exactly the business my client had set his mind on. My client finally had his life back and was now able to work on his own Vision.

The lesson here is; if you have lost your WHY, or if you never owned it in the first place, maybe now is the time to have the courage to take action and change that.

If your WHY has changed and the business you have now is not the one you want, have the courage to take action to change that.

AS a coach my role is to coach YOU to have the business you want. It doesn’t just have to be about the numbers, team, systems or even money.

My client made it clear in his testimonial that the greatest gift I gave him was my support and just listening to him, until he was ready to make the changes he knew he needed to make.







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