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Be Like “A Dog with a Bone”

Going in eyes wide open is a choice. Once in though, sometimes, there is no turning back. You just have to keep moving forward.

How then, when everything seems too hard and I am hurting physically from the mental and emotional pain, do I keep going?

“Be like a dog with a bone!”

 See, for me there is no giving up. If there was I wouldn’t be here, in Perth, with a wonderful husband, a great business and living the dream.

I decided in April 2012 that I’d had enough of sending Mum home to Melbourne. It was time, I thought, that she came to live in Perth. Where and how could be sorted later. She did, after all, say to us when we told her we were moving here, “Can I come with you?” That was 4 years ago.

I spoke to hubby about it, he agreed, so I asked Mum. YES, she says to me, I want to be there.

So the logistics started to come into play. Where would she live, what would she live in and how could we make it happen together in as short a time frame as possible?

My husband is an ideas man and he researches so well on the net that he had a bright idea. “Lets build her a house” DONE!

So we did. Mum was happy with it all, we kept her in the loop using Dropbox for the photos and she came to visit us twice in the 12 months it took to get this ALL happening.

May 2013 arrives and off I go, as promised, to Melbourne, to “collect her”.

Excitement, fun, laughter and 3 days later we flew in to Perth.

The plan was for Mum to spend a few weeks with us until the house was finished.

We spent some time together and in the course of the first 2 weeks everything started to go wrong, pear shaped, horrible…………….

 You see, some people think they are entitled to comment or share their opinion on what others are doing. Sometimes that’s ok, however with an old lady I still don’t think it appropriate, especially when you are a stranger to them. When Mum mentioned to a few people that she was moving to the suburb she was moving to some answers were, ‘Why would you want to live there?’ Or “Oh that’s God’s waiting room!!” Goodness me. That totally killed the excitement and turned her into a bubble of fear.

 You can imagine just what it did to the vibration in our house. Bad, very Bad.

7 weeks it lasted.

We eventually moved Mum into the house and then, again, fear and trepidation was eating me alive. Thank goodness for a couple of really great friends (one I have never met thanks to FB) and also my wonderful clients.

I survived. Mum survived. My Hubby survived.

Now if there is one person I know that has overcome life’s challenges, it’s my Mum. She has had loads of rottenness in her life yet she is here. A little worse for wear at times however she is still the best Mum a girl could ask for.

As for me, I have had loads of rottenness too, however I am thankful for it as I am the woman I am today thanks to that rottenness and I wouldn’t change a thing.

In June this year I thought the world had ended and all the GOOD in my world would be gone.

It is now August and I feel like I am a dog that just finished its bone – I feel fantastic. I am in the light.

This is my FB post from Friday August 9th………….

“Life is so good fantastic great at the moment. There is always light at the end of a tunnel….sometimes it’s brighter than the light going in!”

See, that’s the point of a tunnel. It is tough. It can almost break you, suffocate you, force you to stop and not go any further when it gets too tough.

Be like a dog with a bone. Keep going.

I know now that the light at the other end is truly brighter than going in!

Here’s a big Cheers to the future, time to give Mum another bone, surely she will eat this one quicker.







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