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What does it mean to me to have a Coach?

Well that’s an interesting question.

I have had a number of coaches in the 10 years I have been coaching and they have all had their own way and style of coaching. Some not so great and others, well, they have made a huge difference to me in my coaching business and my life.

I have recently experience a big shift on my life and my business. I went to Conference and came home with pneumonia. Yes, a terrible illness that affected me physically. It did though, spur me on to realising that it was disease – dis-ease, in myself and where I am at right now. I realised that it was time for me to grow up and become the whole person I can and want to be.

The first thing I did was book in a power session with my coach so I could go through it with her and understand what I was feeling. Then work out how to deal with it. I wrote a plan and have now worked through it and am feeling better physically, after some rest, as well as feeling awesome mentally as I have pushed through the shift.

Having a coach is truly amazing. Asking questions, pushing me to think about what and how I am feeling. Forcing me to deal with it as well as ensuring I come out the other side with a written plan.


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Focussed and Fun. That’s what I have right now. As well as an amazing plan that is written down. I have clarity around all my goals and I also have trust that I am on the right path.

So what would it mean to you to have a coach? What difference could it make to you, your life and your business to choose to have a coach? To have a champion, someone to share with and push you? Where could that lead you? Interesting question.

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