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Choose Your Attitude

Have you ever found yourself feeling negative, annoyed and frustrated and just want to change it yet don’t know how?

Sometimes our mind takes control and we think it is impossible to feel better – positive even. Do you wish there was a way to be able to just say Presto! I feel great?

Well there is a way you can do this.

Many years ago I read a book called “Fish! Omnibus” By Stephen C Lundin. There are 3 books, about 100 pages each, and they are a great read about the philosophy of the World Famous “Pike Place Fish Market” in Seattle USA.

The Principles;

Be Present

Choose Your Attitude

Make Someone’s Day

Have Fun

Well, the Be Present, I loved and if you have read the story here on my website you will understand why.

The next, Choose Your Attitude, hit me in the face one day………..and I learnt how to use it.

I received a call from a colleague whilst driving home after a great coaching session. We talked about a situation they were contemplating that I disagreed with. We had a mildly heated discussion and the call ended. I found myself annoyed, frustrated and upset.

I knew I had the rest of the day in my office to deal with and quite a long To Do list. The way I was feeling I just didn’t want to have to deal with working when I returned home.

Then something twigged in my brain – I had a choice. I could either allow this negativity to rule and ruin my day, or I could Choose My Attitude. I did, and the day was productive.

I clearly remember exactly where I was on the road home when this happened. Life changing and attitude changing and a tool I use whenever the situation requires it.

Our mind is a weapon, so many of us never realise its power. One thought is all it takes. One small yet powerful word can make the difference and create the change – right now!


Choose Your Attitude.

We can allow the negative thoughts and feelings to continue, control and waste precious time, or we can make a choice.

Positive is Power. STOP. THINK. ASK yourself a question – What do I want and how do I want to feel – right now.

It’s amazing when you choose your attitude how much better life, and business, can be.

Try it! You will see and feel an instant difference in an hour, a day, a week and the rest of your life

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