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Be Present

What do these words mean to you?

For me, they are about respect, care, love and interest.

Have you ever found that you are speaking to a person and they are “doing” something else and pretending to listen? OR do you pretend to listen whilst “doing” something else?

Feels pretty bad.

So, how about practising to “Be Present”?

This is one of the Principles of FISH! Before I read the book I was introduced to the concept by a wonderful woman, Jane Jordan. A room filled with coaches eager to learn. She asked us to pair off and sit opposite each other with our knees almost touching. For 1 minute look each other in the eye and say nothing, make no sound and just “Be Present”. That was easy.

2 minutes, yeah ok. 5 minutes, a little tougher. Yeah that was great; a few people laughed a little however we all got it. Or so we thought.

After lunch we entered the training room and Jane said “OK sit down with your partner again, this time – 15 minutes!” Noooooo!

Well, it was tough. Hard to stay awake let alone keep a straight face. We did it though and all really understood just what it means to Be Present.

So, next time someone is speaking to you and you are “busy doing something”

  • Stop
  • Pay attention to their words and
  • Be Present

You never know, you may hear something wonderful.

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