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Your Business Will Succeed: Part One

Your business can succeed.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy to run a business, let alone a successful one. And more than half do fail in the first five years year. That’s true.

But I’m confident that your business can be a success.

Why? Because you’re reading this.  You care enough about your business to do your research. To stay aware of the things that may go wrong. To learn from other business owner’s success or lack thereof.

And most importantly? You know there are professionals available to guide you through. In all areas of Business, not just Coaching

Between you and your support team, you’ve got this. Your business has no reason to fail.


If you feel that something is not right, ask for help.

I recently did some research on some old potential coaching clients and found a few of them and gone into liquidation or bankruptcy.

This saddens me. There are so many options available to business owners today that perhaps, this could have been avoided, if only they had reached out.

They had the makings of success instead they are gone.

Feel the TAPS on the Shoulders and act on them.

How to ensure your business success story:

Step 1: Understand the taps on the shoulder.

There will be some things that happen that come with a strong idea of “This doesn’t feel right”.

A bad debt you hadn’t counted on. A client that ignores your advice. Getting the run-around from a supplier.

Don’t ignore this. These things add up quickly.

You need a strong system in place for when things start to go wrong or niggle.

If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not helping you succeed. It’s the tap on the shoulder.

We always have to go back to structure and foundation in business to stop it happening again.

So, what does that tap on the shoulder look like?

You’re quoting but pricing isn’t right in the end. It’s time to do a price review with your suppliers.

Crisis averted.

A couple of team members slack off. Work’s not getting done. It’s time to look at team morale and motivation. Perhaps hire a new staff that better serve your business.

Crisis averted.

A partnership isn’t working. You need an open and honest conversation. Something needs to change.

With your business support network, you will handle any situation that pops up.

You’re prepared. A proactive plan in place.

You’re focused on success.

Step 2: Stop the ‘one day’ thinking. You’ll get around to it one day.

That’s one of the biggest and most self-sabotaging falsehoods business owners tell themselves.

One day. Tomorrow. You put things off and they only snowball on you.

I had a client that hid bills from herself. Didn’t pay them. And told both me and herself that everything was fine.

She lived in a dream world where everything was just going to work itself out.

And that dream world cost her business and much more

The only ‘one day’ you have is today.

The only way it will work out ‘one day’ is if you plan and prioritise for success. Today.

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