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Time Control: Part One

Time management is a large part of keeping your business in control.

When you work a job, you’re trading your time for money. It’s a relatively simple trade.

Time management is a large part of keeping your business in control.

As a business owner, you are using time to make money. This requires you to be much more disciplined with your time.

Do you really know where your time is going? Take a look at the bigger chunks of activity that you are doing on most days. How much time does each involve?

How many hours per day and per week are you currently working? Is your time in control?

Identify where you struggle the most then work on improving one thing at a time.

The tasks that take longer than they should. Are they a return on your investment?

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As a business owner, you need to look at time differently. Your focus needs to be on investing time instead of spending time.

Investing time is proactive. A conscious choice to do an activity, knowing that the outcome is worth more than your time. Spending time is reactive. Outcomes aren’t as clear. And you feel like you never have enough time to get everything done.  

Your time is money. Control comes from avoiding mindless spending. Make sure you invest it wisely and there will always be plenty to go around.

Small tasks have a tendency to stack up and become unmanageable if you let them.  

My time management method includes a manilla folder for each work day, as well as a weekly task list.

Each day is blocked out, as well as a block for tasks that can wait until next week. All extra info for any task goes in the days’ folder.  

Daily, check the list and the folders. Weekly, transfer items from the previous week and update folders accordingly.

This is time under control. Invested wisely.

Spending time each day planning the next, colour coding and ticking boxes is time chaos pretending to be control.

Keeping your business in control relies on you understanding time targets.

10% of your day is often wasted. Not urgent and non-important tasks like social media.

Another 10% goes on urgent but non-important tasks. This reactionary spending of time that should be planned better.

60% of your day is a demand state. It’s productive, the job gets done.

This is a great state, as long as it’s controlled.

The other 20% is The Zone. Here lies the big picture thinking that only you, as a business owner, can do.  

Decide where you want to work. Consciously be aware of where you are. Invest your time wisely.

Keeping your business under control with time management requires you to show a high level of self-mastery.

Whatever process you choose needs to work for you. It’s that simple. And that complicated.

Be aware of how you work best, making sure that your time is invested well and your business is seeing a decent return. The ability to prioritise urgent vs important is crucial to staying in control.

Your goals will help you keep focus. Break down your 90-day plan and make sure you’re working towards achieving your goals on a daily basis. Self Mastery and time control will allow your business to flow.

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