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The Danger Of Losing Sight Of Your Vision

When you’re the one in charge, there’s a certain pressure to always be on. Emails pile up. The phone is ringing. There’s always a fire you need to put out. It’s continuous. And really, that’s what you wanted. You wanted to be busy. After all you are a business visionary!

Because a busy business is a profitable one.

But some days the pressure builds up. And it starts to feel relentless. Being “always on” starts to wear you down. You’re wearing too many hats, but there’s bills to pay. So you keep the pressure on yourself. You start to grind.

Stop right there.

You’ve just entered the danger zone.

Can you see the flashing lights saying ‘wrong way, turn back’?

You’ve lost sight of your vision.

business visionary

You’re too entrenched in the day to day

Acting like an employee, not like the boss that you are. You may need to re-assess your business structure.

You’ve forgotten that the only one turning up the pressure is you.

You love what you do, but on those bad days, it can be hard to remember exactly why you love running your business.

It’s a dangerous space to be in. When you lose sight of your vision, your business is running you. Your business becomes just another job.

You continue to work without your vision, it continues to eat away at your confidence. That leads to less clients. Less cash flow. More stress.

If you find yourself in this space, you need to reconnect to your vision.

business visionary

When all you can see is pressure and stress, there’s a few questions you can ask yourself

• What are the triggers that bring you to this place of disconnection?
• Is there a pattern?
• How do you identify it?
• What do you do to say STOP – I need to reset?
• Who do you talk to?
• Where do you go to reset?
• Do you remember your Why? Or has that changed?

It’s great if you have someone on your team who can ask you these questions. Friends, other business owners, your mentor. They will help you get back on track and re focus.

business structure

It’s super important to know when to pull back and reduce pressure on yourself

Sometimes you have to walk away. Humans are like computers. We get overloaded. Turn yourself off and back on again. Disconnect and refocus for the next day.

Go for a coffee, a walk or to the beach. Play candy crush. Whatever your reset button is.
Remember what you love about your business.
Why you do what you do.
Get back in touch with your vision.

Have someone around that will notice if you’re about to run headlong into a wall. Who can tell you to take a day off. Or even an hour or two. When you really need to do what is absolutely necessary to do, right now, then take a few large steps back.

Tomorrow is another day.

business structure

If you’re drowning in business pressure, then don’t ignore the life raft

There is help available all you need to do is ask for it. Search for those people that can help you, support you and take you forward. Reset your vision to become a productive business visionary. AS a coach I work with business owners to help them get out of day to day overwhelm of working a job and help them step into a true CEO position where their business works for them and not the other way around.

Is it time to get you back in alignment with your vision?

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