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Team Control: Part 1

You can’t do it alone. To run a successful business, you need a great team behind you. And that team needs control.

Once you hire employees, your team is clear. You’ve chosen them to become an integral part of your business. They need to be managed, talked to, worked on, praised, and given supervision and direction.

But what if you’re a single business owner? Anything you outsource, that person becomes a part of your team. Accountant, marketing manager, VA, copywriter. This is your team.

The next 2 weeks focus on businesses with employees, then we’ll look closer at single business owners.

When we talk about team members, we need to discuss the manager trap.

As business owners, we need to manage people, but in order to manage people well, we need to be managing ourselves.

You can’t lead from the middle of the pack.

Management style matters, but truly understanding your role is the most important factor in team control.

As a manager, your role is to guide your team in a way that serves the long term goals of the business. This requires open communication, a shared vision and working together towards a common goal.

In order to have team control, it needs to start at the beginning with a strong recruitment process.

You need to define what you’re looking for in your ideal team member for each role.

Everything from how your job ad looks and where it’s advertised needs to be targeted directly at your ideal candidate.

There needs to be a structure to how you handle and filter responses. Your interview process needs to be well defined. From who we choose who to interview, to how we interview and lead into the selection process.

With this structure in place, you’re building your team on a strong foundation.

After selection, the next step is induction and onboarding. Again, this step ties in with systems control and is best managed with a clear structure in place.

When you bring someone new into your business, you need a plan for induction. They need to be aware of their job description, expectations, and training schedule.

This means that you both need to have access to clear manuals, policies, and procedures.

Onboarding shouldn’t feel hard or chaotic. To keep your team in control, your new hire should feel supported yet independent from day one. This is easy with strong systems in place.

When running a team, you need to understand that people learn differently and will thrive under different circumstances.

This is where a profile process comes in handy. From behavioural profiles to understand strengths and weaknesses to the learning instrument test to discover their learning style. So you can tailor your training process individually to make sure your training process is as streamlined as possible.

Your systems manual is important, but the way you deliver information is also important. Tailored to their learning style is more effective and will save you time and money. 

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