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Systems Control: Part 1

Having your systems under control is the way to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

That definitely doesn’t mean you won’t have moments of chaos. Problems and bottlenecks will still pop up, that’s just business life.

Having strong systems in place means that it’s easy to get back to control.

A business with good system control is one where systems not only exist, but are known, followed, and documented.

Electronic systems, paper systems. It really doesn’t matter. As long as you always know the what and when of everything involved in your business.

It’s easy if you have strong systems.

You need to be able to access information at every step of your business transactions.

Make sure that any file you have, electronic or paper, has a flow, and at any given point in your process, you know exactly where it is and what’s going on with it.

Your systems will be entirely tailored to your business. Before putting systems in place, you need to be clear on exactly how your business works. What does it do, what does it deliver, what outcomes do you wish to create for your customers?

Only then can you start to understand what kind of support systems will keep everything running smoothly.

To create strong systems, you need to look at every single step in your process. This includes marketing, sales and financial perspectives.

What does it take to go from start to finish?

You need to be sure that, no matter who from your team is involved in any step, the client gets the same result. This is why documentation is crucial.

If a system doesn’t work on paper, it will very rarely work electronically unless there is a pre-existing app. However, even in a highly electronic age, there will be some paper involved.

Electronic storage needs reliable backups factored into your system.

You should be able to quickly find anything you might need.

This will be easy if your systems cover everything possible. This includes purchasing, safety, quoting, debtors, tenders, admin, financial and more.

Some things are harder to systemise because they’re more reactive. There still needs to be a system or framework in place to deal with these events. In fact, it’s more important to have a framework in place for reactive events to minimise potential damage to your company.

What happens with complaints? Perhaps fill in a complaint form and have a clear and documented process from there. 

Systems are just as important to structure your personal workflow.

A diary, whether paper or electronic, can keep you on track.

A system for the start and end of your day. Your time well spent in between. Perhaps even time for a coffee in the park to keep you functioning at your best.

Systems control is all about making sure there’s structure in your business. Making sure that if a problem appears you can pinpoint where to fix it. It’s important to make sure that if there’s an issue it doesn’t cost you a lot of money in downtime trying to fix it.

Strong systems keep your business on track.

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