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Do You Have a System For Your Business Systems?

Do you often feel like your business is just out of control? Not having control creates chaos. Chaos costs money, chaos costs time, chaos costs you your sanity and peace of mind.

business developing conceptSomething I’ve noticed with all the various business owners I’ve coached over the years is that if you don’t have a structure and good foundations, you don’t have a business that’s under control and that means you don’t have a business you can scale.

So how do you regain control, eliminate chaos and set up the right foundations?

Two words: effective business systems.


If you don’t have systems, there is no flow in the business. Not having flow in your business in the one thing that can kill a really good business and I know you’re reading this because you want your business to succeed.

The bottom line is that business systems save you time, they save you money and they can make you a lot more money which is capital for more time and money.

You need to stop re-inventing the wheel and create systems that are simple and easy – they should be as un-intrusive to your daily operations as possible so that you can be on autopilot.

When your business runs on autopilot you can:

  • Have the time, energy and headspace to work on the business and concentrate on growth
  • Make time for understanding your numbers and review your profit and loss so you can make adjustments
  • Focus on developing other efficient systems that will save you time and money and make you more money
  • Focus on getting the quotes out more efficiently and generate more business
  • Run or attend training that you and your team needs
  • Take time out for you and make more time for your partner and family
  • Stop being chained to the office and pick up your kids from school



A lot of business owners know that they need good systems in their business, but they simply get overwhelmed with this concept and don’t know where to begin.

Illustration representing a network of connected business peopleWhen I first start coaching my clients, we go through an alignment process. We review your business – how you got there, where are you now, and what do you want to do in the future.

If you’re not where you want to be in your business, chances are that your systems (or lack of) don’t support where you want your business to grow and most often than not, they are not supporting you where you are right now either.

Over the last 13 years, my life and business experience has taught me a bucket load about systems, primarily what works and what doesn’t work! I have a unique ability to look at a process, pull it apart and re-build it, which has led me to develop a very comprehensive Systems Checklist.

Together, we go over your business operations to work out

* Which systems you currently have?

* Which systems need to be improved?

* Which new systems you need to have and develop?

This evaluation always factors in the best possible process that will have the best return on time and money. The Systems Checklist is basically one system that maintains all of your systems, because developing systems is an ongoing process.

Some systems you can build and they are done, ready for you to set and forget and go on autopilot. Other systems you’ll need to keep developing because they will change over time – they might change depending on the growth of the business, on software changes or team changes.


Working in banking (before ATM’s were invented!) meant that everything we did was a system. Every process was time critical and money dependant, and what this has taught me is that if it doesn’t work on paper, it won’t work with new technology, because a person still has to manage the technology.

I encourage all my clients to develop systems that work simply and effectively manually, and if the system works, you can then invest in software and technology that translates the crux of your system to the digital world.

“I’ll do it tomorrow” simply doesn’t work, you need systems that work in real life and everything should be critical and money dependant if you want to see real results in your business.

business checklistA business system can be as simple as:

* Having a whiteboard with magnets that quickly and visually shows you your leads, quotes and active jobs

* Having a process in place to follow up on quotes – this could mean getting the job or not regardless of the price

* Having a system for knowing what’s on for the day so you can walk in and get on with it, knowing exactly what you need to do next.

My Systems Checklist is your path to freedom – to running your business on autopilot so that you can grow, scale and make the most of the time you have. It’s our most precious resource.

If you want to get coached on how to develop daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly systems that will lead you from chaos to control, reach out today.



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