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Self Care & Stopping


There are so many catch phrases around at the moment and so many ideas for marketing and how we must survive and thrive.

Tuesday 21st April, I hit a wall. I am so tired and I decided I need to stop and have some self care time. That is one of the benefits of owning a business.

So today let’s talk about that; Stopping and self care and how do we find the time to do that. Well maybe we need to make the time and choose it!

So, let us take some time to reflect. Let us take some time to self-care. Let us take some time and stop. Just stop.

This doesn’t have to be meditation or anything fancy, just a time to stop.

There has been lots of talk amongst the participants of my group calls about how hard it has been to slow their minds, shut down their thoughts  and relax.

Let’s make a point of it this weekend. 5, 10 or 30 minutes, just be.

Be still, be quiet, be calm.

Be strong and remember that we are on our way out and on our way back.

Next week I’ll have a chat with you about what we can do to ensure we come back and thrive.

In the meantime, take care and if you feel the need to self care then do it. I know I’m glad I did today.

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