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Sales Control: Part Two

Once you understand the ladder of loyalty and how to use it to your advantage, the next step is to break down and understand your touch process.

Sales is often a long game, with an uncertain outcome.

To turn a prospect into a customer or higher, you need to have a clear strategy and process for communicating with them and meeting them at the level where they’re at.

At this early point, you have their interest but they’re not ready to purchase yet.

No one wants to feel like a pushy salesperson, and no one likes to buy from a pushy salesperson.

So how do you move them up the ladder?

Sales is about farming, not necessarily about hunting.

Hunting might give you a quick result, but farming is the only option that is sustainable long term.

Hunting is a numbers game. You might hunt 100 people, and 2 of them buy.  The other 98 are gone forever.

Farming is about prospecting and checking where your people are at.

It’s about communicating and investigating their needs and listening to any concerns they might have.

It’s about creating longevity in your relationship so when they eventually purchase, they stay on as a customer and buy time and time again, not just a one-off shopper.

Your touch process needs to be grounded in testing and measuring. Without a clear and defined process, you’ll lose track of potential sales.

If 20 people ring you today, how many booked? How many asked a question? Where’d they come from? How’d they hear about you? Testing and measuring is the core of your sales process.

This stage also ties back into your marketing strategies. This data guides you to know if your marketing investment is generating a profit or not.

Profit. Not just turnover.

Your marketing needs to pay for itself and then some. That’s when you know you’re on track for success.

You need to keep track of where clients are at in your sales process.

When they communicate with your business, where are they coming from? What are they asking? Are they buying? What are they buying? How often are they buying?

With a long lead time; weeks, months, or years, you need to keep them engaged throughout the process. You need to keep in touch to keep them engaged.

When someone reaches out to you, have a conversation first to find out who they are, where they’re at, and what they’re looking for. Most importantly, make sure you can actually deliver what they’re asking for right now.

Sales is a very clear step by step system and process. You need to be clear on every move you make every step of the way.

Farm, don’t hunt. If you go in for the kill, you run the very real risk of potentially losing the sale by over-promising or under delivering.

Your communication skills will be tested, and the results will be clear in your sales figures.

Refine your process. Test and measure. Then refine further. Consistency will take you a long way. If you say you’ll call a client on Friday, call on Friday. Don’t call and apologise on Monday. Be reliable. You’ve built trust, don’t waste it.    

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