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Quarterly Planning

It’s the middle of May and time is flying. With all that has been happening many business owners are struggling to work to a plan. The uncertainty surrounding what and how they can operate is causing distress and confusion for many.

Speaking from experience I was supposed to write my new quarterly plan Mid-March for April to June 2020. It took me another 3 weeks to be able to sit down and think clearly about what to plan for. I, like many of you, was in survive mode. I then realised that by not having a plan I was in the dangerous position of losing momentum and not achieving my goals for the year.

I sat down quietly after having a day off in self-care that I wrote about a few weeks ago and I went through what I need to achieve this quarter and wrote my plan.

Have you taken the time to put some structure into your activities on a daily basis to get “back on track”?

Open, half speed or closed there is an absolute necessity for having this. It keeps focus on the tasks at hand, it also keeps focus on those longer-term goals that you have set.

Marketing, systems, financial management, team and delivery. These are all critical areas of your business that you need to keep a handle on. A little bit of planning is better than none at all.

We need to stay visible now more than ever so if you have stopped marketing, start again. If you don’t have a plan, take some time out in the next week to write one. Make sure you can refer to it weekly.

Remember the foundation and structure of business is what makes it strong. If it has cracks appearing then fix them now.

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