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Public Holidays….

Public Holiday Planning.

Depending on your approach, public holidays can have a vastly different impact on your business. Your viewpoint shapes how much you can get out of the day.

Do you lose a day of work or do you gain personal time?

You might feel swamped on the days around the holiday, trying to cram 5 days work into 4.

You might take the opportunity to sit back and do some behind the scenes work with no customer expectations.

Or you might gratefully take the opportunity to rest and refresh yourself for what lies ahead.

Either way, the usual flow of your business will be impacted in some way.

It doesn’t really matter how you view them. Public holidays occur throughout the year, and there’s only one way to minimise disruption and maximise your down time.

It’s all down to planning.

So you can stop seeing public holidays as a cost and see them for what they are; an opportunity.


It’s important to look closely at how you feel about public holidays.

It’s common to feel like it’s a waste of a day. Your business is closed for the day. So you’re not making money.

But really, that viewpoint does no favours to either you or your business.

Take the day off with these thoughts in mind and yes, it’s a wasted day.

You’ll go back to work after the holiday feeling frustrated and behind. That’s not the effect of the public holiday, that’s entirely due to your viewpoint and poor planning.

But if you have a plan in place, the day can be a massive benefit to your business.

Do you personally need a day off? If you do, then take it and don’t think about the business. The day before, plan your morning for the day after. And enjoy your break.

Or you could see the day as an opportunity to work on the business.

Even spending half the day working on your business while it’s closed could have a huge impact.

As long as you plan and commit to your decision, the result for your business will be positive.


Clear communication with your team is essential.

Public holidays can be great for your staff. They come back refreshed and feeling good.

As always, looking after the people who look after your business is great for business.

You do need to have a plan in place to make sure the days before and after the holiday go smoothly and make sure the team is prepared and ready to go.

The thing with a successful business is that the work doesn’t stop even if you do.

Simple communication can help things run smoothly and minimise costs, even for situations where some staff may not get the same break as others.

It’s easier to take a day off together when the holiday is national. The approach might need to be different when it’s a state based public holiday.

Your planning might look like rostering on one staff member to take calls for the day. The week before, clients should be made aware that your business is closed for the public holiday. Offer your staff member a day in lieu in order to keep the business ticking for the day. And make sure they are well supported if any emergencies occur.

Communicating with your team will turn cost into opportunity. And you’ll all be back refreshed after the break.


Communicating with customers around the holiday is also important. Clear communication ensures that their expectations are realistic and that your business reputation stays strong.

If you don’t understand the impact of the day on your ability to deliver products and services, it can take a few days to get back on track. Which can have longer reaching consequences for your business.

Even a few days of chaos and stress can cost you dearly as far as your team and morale.

Which will have a detrimental effect on customer satisfaction too.

Poor staff morale will always affect your customer’s experience. Having a clear plan in place avoids this by making sure you, your staff, and your customers are all supported through the couple of days it takes to get back on track.

There are also some situations that can affect your business longer term.

Your long term clients will notice if you continue to not plan adequately and routinely struggle to deliver across public holidays. If you’re costing them time and money a few times a year, you may lose them.

The same goes for your staff. They will also notice if you cost them time and money, which can have longer reaching effects.

A big sign of this is if your staff often pull sickies on the day following a public holiday, or if they often try to take annual leave around public holidays.

It’s much easier on you if you can keep morale high in this short term flux, rather than trying to fix something that’s broken.


Public holidays are going to happen. And to keep on top of your business at these times, all you need is a plan.

There’s a huge opportunity every public holiday that you might have missed.

Have a day off yourself.


You don’t have a job. You own a successful business.

You need to remember why you started your business in the first place.

What’s the point of owning your business if you can’t have choice?

It’s not a job. You’re not staff.

It’s a business. You’re in charge. And the life you have created for yourself should allow you to enjoy days like this as the gift they are.

How’s your public holiday plan looking?

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