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Personal Development is Business Development

Your business is doing great. Money’s coming in, your staff are amazing, clients are happy.

But you just can’t seem to take it to the next level.

Sure, there’s a few issues in your personal life right now. You’re not getting on super well with your spouse. You’ve got a few lingering beliefs from childhood, but doesn’t everyone? You’ll get around to sorting through these issues one day, but for now, you’re focused on your business and you leave it all at the door when you start work.

Except for the fact that you don’t.

Your lack of personal development is exactly why your business can’t grow further. You’re standing in your own way.

Personal life and professional life are intrinsically linked. Your mental and emotional state will always have an impact on your business performance.

This link means that every time your business grows, you need to check in with your personal life to see if you need to make some changes. The same thing happens when you go through personal growth, your business might need to change in order to keep up.

Personal development is an often-overlooked puzzle piece in business management. Some business coaches take a narrow view and focus solely on business performance.

There was a time where I had to go through a major shift in order to grow my business. I had a lot of ingrained beliefs from childhood that were holding me back. And therefore, stalling my business growth.

I had to learn to be more flexible with my expectations and the level of control I thought I had to have over everything. When I was able to take amore balanced viewpoint, learn to step back and relax, my business was able to achieve the growth that I was looking for.

It’s important to constantly ask yourself a few questions.

1. Am I who I need to be right now?

Recognise that sometimes your business will have grown and left you behind.

Having a coach or mentor that can give you honest feedback, both professionally and privately is invaluable. They can help you to identify areas that need improvement and see the big picture.

It’s impossible to give 100% to your business when something in your personal life or mindset is weighing you down.

It’s important to constantly ask yourself a few questions.

2. Am I doing what I need to do in order to have what I want?

Do you believe you have the ability to take your business to the next level? Or do you need to step back and work on the underlying issues?

A lack of belief in yourself as a business owner is a huge mindset challenge that pops up regularly. You don’t have a job. You run a business. That seemingly simple realisation can be a game changer.

We all carry unhelpful baggage that we’ve learned along the way. Books, seminars, or coaching can help you move past these and take control of all areas of your life and business.

Working on yourself, spiritually and emotionally, as well as understanding and improving your professional and personal relationships will help you grow at the same rate as your business. And get you where you want to be.

personal developmentIt’s important to constantly ask yourself a few questions.

3. What do I really want?

The goal is a business that fits your life and a life that fits your business.

Everyone has values and underlying beliefs that are invisible to outsiders but have a large influence on your outcomes. People notice your actions, decisions and behaviours.

Challenge your underlying beliefs and see results.

When you are able to see the links between business and personal growth, you free yourself from a lot of worry. Losing clients? The universe loves filling vacuums. You will attract clients that are more suited to you. Link between your growth and business growth.

Alignment between your personal and professional life means you have time for both. Your daily routines and schedules should reflect this.

It’s always important to consider your headspace as a business owner, because if you’ve neglected personal development, your business will also be unable to change.

business development

It’s important to constantly ask yourself a few questions.

4. How do I maintain control when I get “There”

The most important next step is to have a mechanism to check in with yourself.

Yes, it feels like you have overcome the personal stuff and business is going great. Then, all of a sudden, one day, one week, it all gets too hard again.

Instead of losing time and falling back into old patterns you need to make sure you have a “Go To”.

A person, a book, a place, to ensure it’s only a small dip in time.

Go back to your plan, re-do it. Set new goals. Review the business. Review yourself.

Creating this pattern will ensure that Personal Development and Business Development stay hand in hand and keep Chaos at Bay.

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