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Next year is upon us! 15 days away!

Are You Ready?

I am almost ready. One more session with my Coach and my Plan is locked in and ready to go!

Have you ever spoken those famous words “Next Year Will Be Different?” Made a New Year’s resolution? Then looked back at the end of the year only to realise it was the same, or worse, than the year before?

Many clients have come to me for coaching because they have had enough of the merry go round of no time and no life or they want to grow themselves and their business and they don’t know where to start or if they know where to start they keep putting it off.

In 15 days it will be 2016.

At the start of 2015 did you say the words? “2015 will be different” with strong determination only to sit back while you are reading this to realise it wasn’t.

Right now, today, is your opportunity to say those words and take action to ensure they become your truth.

To create different you need a plan with strategies in all areas for your business to make it come true.

That’s why I am offering you a chance to do just that. An opportunity to decide right now so that 2016 is your best year ever.

How? What do you need to do to change your business and your life?

Create a Plan

Write it down

Stick to it

It’s tough in Perth for some business owners right now? Is it tough for you? Are you having difficulty seeing a bright future? This is a huge opportunity for you to change that. Get happy, have a great business and get your peace of mind back.

I’m offering 2 One Hour Strategy Sessions for $275 (Normally $1100) so that you can be ready to Hit The Ground Running in 2016.

You then have the option to attend our Quarterly Planning Days for just $297 and receive a FREE Post Planning Day Session (Valued at $550)

That’s right.

$275 for 2 One Hour Sessions then $297 every Quarter and BOOM – you have a coach and new opportunities.

I’m extremely passionate about making a difference. I want to scream it from the rooftops of Perth so that all business owners that are having a tough time or are at a loss as to what to do next can find me. I am here to help.

The first step is always the hardest. Asking for help. Why is it so hard?

Why? When there are so many people that can help you be different? Better? Stronger? Get your life back into balance? Sleep? Pick the kids up from school? Take your wife/husband out for dinner? OR (OMG) have some time off. A holiday!

If you want 1, 2 or all of these things click reply right now and send me an email or better still CALL ME!

0438 281 918

When you say next year will be different how great would it be to know that you have taken action before the end of this year 2015 to ensure it becomes your truth.

This offer is available until January 8th so that sessions are completed by January 31st!. CALL ME!

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