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How To Make Decisions

The phone rings. It’s your site supervisor adding their tasks to your to-do list. Yet again they have not completed their work, this is becoming a pattern. Do you have a business plan in place for this?

Looks like it’s time to make a big decision.
What do you do?

Do you have a heart to heart with them?
Do you let them go swiftly?
Or do you avoid making any decision and put it in the ‘deal with it later’ pile?

I had a client who avoided making a decision just like this.

He tried the heart to heart, nothing changed
He thought about terminating, couldn’t do it

Due to his fear of confrontation, he organised a meeting at a session with his business coach and other senior team member.

The day after the meeting the team member ultimately handed in his resignation, much to my client’s relief, however the damage had already been done.


The inaction cost the business months of time and money that could have been saved by letting him go when it became clear that the situation was unresolvable.
The inaction again caused my client to realise there had to be a better way to manage non-performing team members.
He had to start working on his skills in this area.

Avoiding making tough decisions is in fact making a decision.

It’s deciding not to manage your business. Its deciding to allow your team to have the run of the business – regardless of the effect

This could have been avoided by having strategies in place to make sure that these big and difficult decisions are always made from fact rather than emotion. Eg, A performance Appraisal Process

making business decisions

There is no place for emotion in your leadership role. Only Morals and Ethics

You are not your business. The business isn’t you.

The business is an emotionless entity.

You need to look at the challenge at hand vs your instinctive emotional reaction.

It’s easier to make the call if you have a clear structure and guidelines in place for when things get shaky.

Your current challenge is an under-performing team member.

It’s okay because you’ve got a clear performance appraisal structure in place.

They’re not meeting KPIs? Not a problem because you’ve got a clear warning structure in place.

Everyone knows exactly where they stand before it gets to the point where you act from frustration.

It’s also really important to have a defined team structure in place.

Nobody should be irreplaceable. With this structure and foundation, your team will always be able to pull together and cover gaps if someone gets fired.

Hard decisions require you to focus solely on facts. And what’s best for your business in the long term.

Frustration comes from a lack of control and structure.

Separate yourself from the business. Do you make your decisions from emotion or from facts?

A SWOT analysis can help ensure you have all the facts at hand.

Running ideas past a mentor or similar can help you manage the emotion behind decision making.

Also, consider examples of previous similar decisions to weigh up the decision that’s in front of you right now.


business plan

Here’s some questions to consider next time you’re faced with a challenging decision:

Are we getting the right information about this challenge?

Is the person we are talking to and sharing with the right person?

What resources are we researching when we are faced with this challenge? Are these resources effective and knowledgeable?

A measured and controlled decision leads to progress and success.

Letting emotion take over will take you out of control and back into chaos.

I work with business owners to help them get past overwhelm and step into a true CEO position where their business works for them and not the other way around.

Is it time to get you back in control of your decision-making process?


There is a mental toll that comes with inaction. There are repercussions.
When we are faced with a challenge that creates chaos and forces us to re-evaluate we need to ask ourselves,
are we capable of dealing with this on our own or is there someone or something we can turn to.

These are the times when being a Business Owner can be tough.
There are many people out there that can help.
Be sure when you are choosing that you have all the facts to able to choose the right person or method.

It can be tough to ask for help, it may even feel like failure. Ask yourself though, what’s the alternative?
There is a cost, lost time, lost efficiency, damage to the business as well as yourself.
That help may just save you not only time and money, it may save your sanity.


making business decisions

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