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How Do I Know I Need A Coach, And When Is The Time To Start Looking?

Often in business, we struggle. We hit a low point, and sometimes it’s hard to see our way out of it. Some people have family, friends or mentors to help share the burden and help guide them through, and others choose to go it alone. Or do they?

At what point do you say to yourself enough is enough? At what point do you look in the mirror and think “I can’t do this on my own anymore?”

 It takes courage to ask for help. It takes courage to admit the struggle. Often, it feels like failure. The biggest failure is not asking for help. Remember the seven deadly sins of failed business owners. Pride? Vanity?

Failure is a choice. Success is a choice. The decision to ask for help, to make that choice, takes courage, so ask yourself this question, when I started this business, what was my vision? How did I see my life as a business owner, and what life would that business create for me?

So, when is it time to start looking for a coach?

Here are a few tips.

  1. When the vision is gone or you can no longer see or feel it.
  2. When the struggle starts and you feel those taps on the shoulder that something isn’t right.
  3. When you are constantly in chaos and control never seems to be in reach.
  4. When the dissatisfaction becomes greater than the resistance.
  5. When you finally realize that you are ready to take those first steps back to your vision.

In my experience, many people say they would like to meet with me and take up the offer of a free one-hour coaching session. Almost everyone sees the value, knows and sees the potential of what working with a coach can help them achieve. There are some who remain sceptical and are full of “I know,” and others can’t admit they need help or accept it. Then there is the investment, or the cost as they say, that stops them from moving ahead.

In my 15 years in this industry, out of every 10 people, 2 are either not coachable, or the business has gone so far toward the dark side that it can’t be saved. So when you ask, “Do I know I need a coach?”

My answer,

Now, stop the chaos from hitting.” If you are in control and your vision is foreseeable, coaching can get you there faster.

Now, before you lose yourself in the chaos, your marriage or your sanity …

Now, while you are still young enough, so that you can achieve, so that you can sell it or earn positive income to enjoy the life you chose when you started this business.

Ask yourself if you are happy.

Ask yourself if there is more that you could be doing to have the business and the life you want.

Ask yourself, am I the best version of me or could I be better.

Ask yourself, am I prepared to sit back and let whatever happens, happen? Or am I going to make the choice to be more, do more and have more.

Having a coach can be the difference between having it sooner and not having it at all!

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