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Control Week

In business, you need to strive for control and remain prepared for a bit of chaos.

Every time you try to grow and change your business, there’s a level of chaos. Chaos always comes back. It’s necessary for growth.

The distinction between true chaos and constructive chaos is how long it lasts, and at what cost.

Because once you’ve learnt how to manage the chaos. It’s not true chaos. It’s just a challenge.

Once we can create those distinctions, then we can look into managing all elements of control.

The elements of control are – Vision, Time, Financial, Marketing/Sales, Systems, and Team.

A closer look at Vision.

When keeping your business in control, your vision encompasses your long and short term view of success, as well as staying in touch with your original business goals.  

You need to be able to grow with your business. To see how your business needs you to grow.

It’s important to not get caught up in the day-to-day. Your business needs someone in charge, someone with a long-range view.

As long as you keep your eye on the ball, you can enjoy being in the positive control stage now.

You’re not in danger of losing sight of your vision, even if you hit constructive chaos.

The greatest strength you have as a business owner is the ability to see the big picture across all elements of your business.

The big picture requires you to be in touch with the long term vision and to keep everything, both positive and negative, in perspective.

You need the strength to change when things just aren’t working. To see to the root of the problem and take the blame when it’s on you or cut ties when it’s not.

You need the courage to celebrate when you achieve a goal. And the selflessness to share that celebration with your team.

Working on, and for your business, is vision control.

As a business owner, you’re true to your vision. You’re calm and determined. Purposeful. Focussed.

You want your business to succeed. But you have other priorities too.

You definitely realise that time away from work makes you a better person. Which makes you a better business owner.

Your business gives you the chance to live your non-business related dreams. You know that even when business life gets hard, you always have a choice.

Your perspective is a massive strength. And that’s part of your vision of being a business owner.

Living your vision means living a well rounded life.

Your alarm goes off on a Monday morning. You smile.

You have absolute clarity about your business activities for the week.

You know that your business is in control.

You know on the days that start to feel like chaos you can take decisive and consistent action to eliminate it

You take that clarity of your vision, set your goals, write your quarterly plan and take action.

Every day you know you are working toward your vision and reflect on how you got here and what will get you there.

Next week we take a look at time control.

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