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Control Questions: Part Two

You’re ok. You’re securely in the control phase. You’ve achieved a new normal. Now is the soonest you can create a new system. A new standard.

It’s crucial to have good perspective at this time.  When you create a new standard you can slip back into chaos. You might have overlooked something. You may have been surprised by changes.

This is the cycle of business. When you move up a level, when you grow a bit, chaos often pops back up.

Here’s where your previous hard work will save you. Good structure and great systems give you the repetitive ability to remain in control when things get tough.

There’s many differences between chaos phase, and chaos in control.

Chaos in control is necessary for growth. The level of chaos you will face depends on how well you were actually in control in the first place.

Say you’ve researched a new product. Everything looks great. You launch.

And it feels like chaos.

Sales are faster than you imagined. Your system can’t cope.

Is it true chaos? Controlled chaos will treat this as growth and be able to adjust standards to step a level.

Chaos in control may just require a readjustment to make it feel normal. Look at what you missed and fill in the gaps.

There’s a difference between standards and norms.

When you create a new standard it has to become a norm. To become normal and second nature. This kind of easy normal takes time. It can take a week, a month, a year, depending on the scope of change.

One thing is absolutely certain. There will always be something you miss. Perhaps a new opportunity presents itself you weren’t prepared for.

This is where you go back to the system and see if there’s a way to make it work.

Standards come from research, development, system structure, testing and measuring processes.

The standards that work become norms.  

As business owners, we’re wired for growth. Control sometimes feels like treading water.

You’ve done the hard work. You’ve done the planning. And it feels like you’re just waiting for the next step.

If you skip through control and attempt to scale prematurely, you risk bringing chaos back.

Planning ensures your business grows organically and allows you the space to grow. That space is found in the control phase.

What may feel like waiting around is actually a time to reflect on previous growth. Take the time to revisit your initial vision. Your 1, 2, and 5 year goals. Are you on track?

Your business is in control. You’re clear on what happens next. Money, clients, and cash flow.

You have a life. And that’s the point of doing what we do. It’s not just a job. It never was.

You have choices. Take a week off. Pick the kids up from school.

It feels good. So, what’s next? Your plans are solid. This is where you start to consider scaling.

You need to be clear on your vision. Your timeframe. Your level of control and how long it’s taken to get to this point.

Take a look around and enjoy where you’re at. Your business is in control, but the next step is a big one. Are you ready?

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