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Control Questions: Part One

Are You Able To Keep Your Business In Control?

You run the life of your business. It doesn’t run your life. That’s what the control phase feels like.

You have a plan. You know exactly what you need to do to help your business thrive.

And you know that each element of your business is under control. Because of your planning.

Your plan includes office control. Team control. Workflow control.

There will sometimes be chaos on your desk, or in your brain, or in your time management. But any chaos is quickly managed as you get back to control.

But what does control really mean and how do you manage it?

In the control phase a business is working well. Between you managing operations, your team managing day to day work, and your customers being satisfied, things just seem to work.

Control means that your business is constant and that you are able to get through each day in a way that feels constantly manageable.

You’re able to do the work in a sustainable way and deliver on your promises. No timeframes demand, no urgency. Urgency can be a strong motivator but will always lead to burnout. Control is planned and timely and lets you manage your business from the front foot not from the back foot.

A lot of business owners struggle to recognise when they’re actually at a level of control.

Obviously as business owners, we always have our eye on the next level. But being able to work with your business in a control phase is absolutely necessary to long term success.

Once you’re in control, you really need to stay in control for a good period of time to set your foundation and be ready to scale.

It takes 7 days to change a habit. It’s just as easy to fall back out of them. Your plan needs to cater for 3, 6, or even 12 months in control while you’re working on the structure and research to scale.

Your business will follow a clear pattern when firmly in control.

You know you’re there when it all just feels good. Things flow, you’re proactive rather than reactive.

You’ll find that you’re able to keep on top of the numbers. Making a profit even. Your team will be well managed and with great morale. Sales keep happening without you having to push.

You may even have the space to develop new products, programs, or offerings.

You should be happy but not comfortable. Because complacency leads straight back to chaos. It should feel good. Well planned. But always with you reaching for your goals.

Long term success involves growing and focussing on your goals.

It comes down to planning and revisiting your plan. For most businesses, this should be every quarter. You do your taxes, the season changes, and it’s time to plan. Take a look at what you’ve achieved in last quarter. Are you on track with your 1 year, 2 year, and 5 year goals?

Consider and gear up to hit your goals in the next quarter. Control should still involve an element of growth, although nowhere near as concentrated and rapid as the scale phase.

As we said before, complacency leads to chaos, and control is our goal for now.

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