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Now more than ever community is important.

I joined a ZOOM call with a few coaches in the USA recently and we were discussing the Wheel of Life. They asked me to choose a part of the wheel I am passionate about and that was easy.


There are so many levels to this word in our lives – Family, Friends and Work.

Today I’d like to share my thoughts on Business Owners and our Community.

Being a business Owner requires us to wear so many different hats every day.

We need to be switched on, working, planning, thinking and being.

In today’s times community is so important. We may feel alone, out of control and some people are flat out scared. Unsure of what’s next and unable to see the forest from the trees.

I have read many posts on Social Media as well as had many conversations with people that are having meltdowns (Myself included) The build up of pressure in the last 7 weeks, to be continuously thinking, listening to the news to see what is next, understanding the assistance packages, getting that sorted, planning, talking to landlords and banks. These are all anxiety producing situations and we forget to put our self-care into our days as a priority, we stop Doing the things we enjoy as the fear of not being on and looking after our business is too great. It is inevitable that at some point we would break.

You may think this is a bad thing however the meltdown itself is good. It allows for a breakthrough and that’s when our thinking changes. That’s when we can have a good look at things, create clarity and then re-motivate ourselves to get moving again and start working on what matters right now.

This is where Community comes in.

Who do you have that you can share with? Openly and honestly that understands what you are feeling and is able to guide you and share with you. I had a great session with my Coach during my meltdown and he reminded me that this is the point I had to get to in order to break free and move forward. I had a chat with people that join my Group Calls about how they are feeling as well and we all agree, having a space to share with people that are like minded to talk to makes the difference.

Let me ask you. Who are you talking to? Do you need support? If you are doing okay, then who can you support?

Reach out to 1 person this week and see how much of a difference you can make. OR Reach out and ask for help and see what it can change for you?

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