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Change The Model

This is an opportunity if you have had a slowdown or are stopped to have a look at the way you were running your business.

Was it efficient, did it have bottlenecks that kept appearing and you were always too busy DOING the work to make any changes?

What was the organisational structure like? Top-heavy? Or not enough leadership?

It’s a difficult time for all of us navigating our way through this unusual time yet there is an opportunity if we go looking for it.

I have a client that launched a retail online business a year ago to complement their wholesale business. It really didn’t work so it was put aside. This past fortnight it has taken off. Good, yes. The problem, lack of systemisation. SO now the focus is to make this work to support the 95% loss of wholesale business.

What else could you do to change up how your business is working. If you are still actively operating today that’s great, if you are limited in your offering today what could you add.

If you are stopped, work on the plan.

Remember you did it once you can do it again. Utilise your time to work on your business to bring it back better than before

And remember the key is to keep marketing. Stay in front of mind and get your message out there so when we are back to our new normal people remember you.

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