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Do you do New Year resolutions or have you realised, like me, that when you have really big goals resolutions are a waste of time?

This year I have decided to create milestones as I am on a journey towards something big and wonderful. What about you?

Why milestones you ask? Well I have set myself some big huge goals and I want to be sure to celebrate the milestones on the way. My goals are broken down into measurable moments each quarter this year and the plans are written!

What is your Big Goal for 2016?

What smaller goals have you set for yourself this year? Are they written down? Is each goal broken down into manageable parts? Are they for your Business and your Personal life?

My plan is all about my Vision – Making a difference. I am finally clear on how to achieve it.

My Vision is all about YOU the Business Owner.

That’s why the events I am creating are about Fun and Learning. Getting out there, building a community, sharing, growing and supporting.

Party Time is just that- a party! Curious? Here’s the link Registration and Information

Planning Day is accessible for everyone in business, at just $297 per person. Information is on my website Get Coached Planning Day

New Clubs and Workshops will be coming later in 2016. All designed to assist you in areas that I commonly see as issues for owners.

Do you have plenty of experience from your own journey that you could share with others? Are you willing to use your experience to help support someone else in Business?


Maybe you have been in business for a little while and you know you need support and possibly unsure where to find it.


Party Time is just the beginning. This event is all about creating a community. It’s not about collecting cards for your database. It’s about getting together with people that “GET” what it’s like to be wholly and totally responsible for this entity that you love and are passionate about.

It’s a bit like the ABC program “Act Belong Commit” We need this in business so I would like you to help me create it.

The links are here, the date and time are set. There are 35 tickets left (out of 60) so be sure to book sooner rather than later or you may miss out.


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