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Build and Maintain a Strong Mindset

How are you feeling today? What are you thinking? What are you telling yourself?

As of today, Friday April 17th, we have been dealing with this situation for more than 4 weeks.

Perhaps it is time to start to look at this as the new “Normal”.

We have no end date yet so how we are living and working now needs to have some rituals set up. Some that perhaps are from “Before” and maybe some new or altered ones.

Thinking about what is going on, continually without disconnecting, can have a very negative effect on your wellbeing – both mentally and physically.

What are you doing to stay healthy if you used to go out? Have you set yourself up at home to exercise? Are you going out for walks?

If you are working from home remember to ensure you have a start and finish time every day – (I will be sending out an article about this next week).

The key to a healthy mind is to compartmentalise.

Who am I BEing and when do I need to BE it?

See its easy to get caught up and forget to nurture yourself and your mind.

Some people have shared that they have had difficulty sleeping as they are unable to switch off their mind. Others have shared that they are full of fear about what’s next.

Remember we can only control what we can control. The plan for now is to survive and then work our way towards thriving.

What’s your mindset like? Are you struggling? There are many options for help today available to us. I met with a hypnotherapist recently on one of my group calls and Lisa shared a sleep recording with us – it is great and a client actually told her that he had the best night’s sleep after listening to it.

If you need help, reach out to someone.

In the meantime – Click here to listen to this.


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