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A Change to Normal Programming

A change to normal programming – LinkedIn is the place this BLOG is posted before you see it as an email!

The next series of blogs and LinkedIn posts are so mind-blowing that it’s taking us longer to get the content prepared and get them written. We really want to make sure you get the best value out of every word.

See, this is what it takes when you are blogging and content writing.

It may sound easy to just “write a blog”, but the reality is that content needs to be pertinent, real, planned, specific as well as applicable and valuable. And that all needs to be sorted out before you start to write a word.

So, this week I will be posting results from my content marketing with you to share how this has impacted my business and could for you too.

We’ll be back to normal programming on April 8th

Success #1

A soon to be client was working and realized that something he’d read in one of my posts was pertinent to the day’s work.

He reached out to me, we met, we talked, and I now have an amazing client with an amazing business that is set for growth. However, he fully realises that without the Structure and Foundation in place, he cannot scale it as he is not quite in control yet.

From a personal perspective, he knew that he needed to grow and work on his skills as a business owner. From a business perspective, he knew his plan was lacking.

Together, we can make sure he is striving for control as a start.


I decided in December 2018 that I was going to start running a MentorCLUB. This is a speed coaching process with up to 4 people in the group. It’s a way to make a start on plans or take back control and have support.

Another reader of my blogs read “Where are you at in the world of business” and emailed me back saying, “I’m Drowning”.

So, MentorCLUB was born. I spoke to my SEO provider about my plans for 2019. When I shared MentorCLUB with him, he said I want in! So, I had 2 participants.

A couple of weeks ago, a former client from 2014 contacted me after reading a blog post. He is now a member of MentorCLUB.

The beauty is that we are unaware of what people are experiencing in their lives and business. The power of the written word makes it easy to position yourself in the mind of your ideal clients. This is what makes Online Content Strategies so valuable.

Yes, they take time. Yes, they can be hard. But the payoff is amazing.


I’ve had a number of emails and calls from people that have been reading my posts and using them to coach themselves. Going back to the content, asking themselves questions and then working on making that change.

The value for me is that I’m making a difference. That’s my Vision. Even if they’re not paying clients, I wanted is for people to get value and use the information themselves.

If and when they find that they are struggling on their own, they then know they can reach out to me for further help.


Even though we have had to have an interruption to normal programming, it’s great that I have been able to continue our communication by doing something slightly outside the box.

Remember, the valuable lesson here is that Online Content marketing is a slow burn.

You need to be patient, structured, and be consistent. Ensure that people get value from what they read, and just keep at it.

Stop asking for the sale, it will come. If people like your stuff on Linked In and you send them a connection request, make it about them – Not about what you’re selling

I get so many people trying to sell to me things that I don’t want or need. I’d much prefer to get to know them a bit first. Leading with a sales pitch is a great way to come across as super pushy and turn people off.

So, have a great weekend. I look forward to sharing more of the Control stuff with you in the coming months – it really is a huge part of the business success that I want for you.

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