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7 Deadly Sins: Part Two

Business Sin #5. Envy.

Envy often rears its head when you find yourself looking at other business owners. What are they doing? What are you doing differently? How are they so successful?

It’s true that comparison is the thief of joy. You need to always be doing the best for your business, which means running your own race.

Envy gets you nowhere, and can actually lead you to sabotage your business as you try to emulate success in a way that doesn’t serve you. Look at what’s not working for you and improve it. Look at what is working and keep it up.

Succeed on your own terms. Or not at all.

Business Sin #6. Wrath.

When you get caught in envy, it can lead to the next sin. Wrath. Anger.

You’re looking at your competitors. They’re doing well. Envy. You can’t quite seem to take that next step. Because you’ve not focused on the needs of your business. You’ve focused on someone else. Something else.

That will simmer away under the surface until it erupts as anger.  And when you carry that anger, it reflects in your business. Your team will suffer. Your business will suffer.

And you will be the only thing really holding yourself back from taking that next step.



Business Sin #7. Greed.

Greed can manifest in your business in a few ways.

Are you focused on your customers or solely on yourself? Your sales will always suffer when you think you know more about what your customer wants than they do. You need to listen to them at every turn. Your business will thrive when your customers feel heard and seen.

Another face of business greed is over commitment. You know what you are capable of. You know what your team can deliver. If you agree to sales that you don’t have the capacity for, that greed will consume your business.

Be motivated by success rather than greed.


More on Greed.

As a business owner, your team is a priority as much as your customers are. If you put yourself and your desires above them both, that’s greed again. You can’t function without them. Look after your team.

If you can get your team engaged in a way that they genuinely care about the success of the business, you win. If you constantly focus on your goals and show lack of care to your team, you fail.

Greed with money can also be a problem. Pay your bills. Pay your staff. Then pay yourself. That hierarchy doesn’t change. That’s how you ensure long term success.

The sins of business are an easy trap to fall into, but also an easy trap to avoid. And as I said last week, the only real sin is to let your business fail when it shouldn’t.

Use all resources available to you. Like Business Coaching. Know your limits, in all resources. Including time.

Don’t forget to give yourself time off.

Comparing your business to others will just encourage failure.

Keep your focus on the long term success of your business and always make sure that you are nurturing the human side. Staff, customers, suppliers.

I want you to succeed.


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