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Is your business keeping you awake at night?

Is business booming but chaotic?

Or are you feeling overwhelmed, out of control or stuck in your business?

Running your own business is exhilarating and challenging all at once. It’s rewarding yet confounding.  It’s one endless roller coaster ride. 

The good and the bad – whatever place you are in - who is in your corner, backing you? Supporting you?

Having a Business Coach and being part of a Community of like-minded business owners can be the difference between sleepless nights or a pub lunch on a Friday.


Business Coaching should be available for all businesses. Regardless of their size or how long they have been operating.

People always ask me “How much does it cost” my reply is always "How long is a piece of string, there is no one size fits all and Coaching is an Investment.”

When we sit down together and unlock your business and what you need, only then am I able to take you through the Coaching Programs on offer.

Yes, there is a qualification process however, as my Vision is to make a difference, I will ensure there is a way for us to work together.

Planning Day, GrowthCLUB, MentorCLUB or One to One Coaching – there is always something that fits!

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The 7 Deadly Sins That Failed Business Owners Make

By Vanessa Moore

To make sure your business succeeds, let’s take a look at the 7 deadly sins of business:

Business Sin #1. Pride.

Being too proud to ask for help is the fastest way to derail your business.  Part of the ‘big picture’ thinking involved in owning and running a successful business means that your priority is always the long term success of your business. Asking for help is a strength. Not a weakness.  If you’re not sure of anything, reach out to your support network.  Save the pride for your successes.  The other side of Pride. Vanity is tied closely to Pride. To being unwilling to ask for help.  As a business sin, Vanity refers to being concerned with how others will perceive you if you ask for help.  Your focus should always be business success. The ability to ask for help when issues arise that are outside your zone of genius will prevent you from making avoidable mistakes. The truth is that no one will think any less of you for asking for help. Asking for help will contribute to people’s perception of you as a strong business owner.  The success of your business will make sure of that. 

Business Sin #2. Gluttony.

Business gluttons bite off more than they can chew.  You say yes to an order that is larger than ever before. The excitement wears off. You have second thoughts. You reassure the client that you can deliver.  You can’t. When you don’t deliver, your business reputation suffers. Every business owner has an appetite for success. That’s why we work so hard.  You need to be aware of what you can achieve in any given timeframe. Always remember that real success and growth occur only when you are aware of your limits and can faithfully deliver on your promises. 

Business Sin #3. Sloth.

Time management is crucial in running a successful business. Which brings us to sloth.  Something goes wrong. Address the issue as soon as practical, or close your eyes and hope that it all blows over?  Business owners avoid taking action for many reasons. It’s often easier to wait and see what happens, especially when action would require a difficult or uncomfortable decision.  It’s those situations that require you to step up and take charge.  Your role as a business owner is to see the big picture at all times. This needs a combination of planning and action. 

Business Sin #4. Lust.

It’s easy to get caught up in business lust. To want what others seem to have.  A successful business owner needs to understand the benefit in taking things slowly. As well as knowing that it can be destructive to take things to next level before your business is ready.  Moving at a steady pace allows your business to grow at a sustainable pace, making sure that you have the right foundation and structure in place.  Any successful relationship, requires you to be able to focus on long term goals.  Don’t be distracted by short term gains. You’re in this for the long haul. 

Business Sin #5. Envy.

Envy often rears its head when you find yourself looking at other business owners. What are they doing? What are you doing differently? How are they so successful? It’s true that comparison is the thief of joy. You need to always be doing the best for your business, which means running your own race.  Envy gets you nowhere, and can actually lead you to sabotage your business as you try to emulate success in a way that doesn’t serve you. Look at what’s not working for you and improve it. Look at what is working and keep it up.  Succeed on your own terms. Or not at all.

Business Sin #6. Wrath.

When you get caught in envy, it can lead to the next sin. Wrath. Anger. You’re looking at your competitors. They’re doing well. Envy. You can’t quite seem to take that next step. Because you’ve not focused on the needs of your business. You’ve focused on someone else. Something else.  That will simmer away under the surface until it erupts as anger.  And when you carry that anger, it reflects in your business. Your team will suffer. Your business will suffer.  And you will be the only thing really holding yourself back from taking that next step.

Business Sin #7. Greed.

Greed can manifest in your business in a few ways.  Are you focused on your customers or solely on yourself? Your sales will always suffer when you think you know more about what your customer wants than they do. You need to listen to them at every turn. Your business will thrive when your customers feel heard and seen.  Another face of business greed is over commitment. You know what you are capable of. You know what your team can deliver. If you agree to sales that you don’t have the capacity for, that greed will consume your business. Be motivated by success rather than greed.

More on Greed.

As a business owner, your team is a priority as much as your customers are. If you put yourself and your desires above them both, that’s greed again. You can’t function without them. Look after your team.  If you can get your team engaged in a way that they genuinely care about the success of the business, you win. If you constantly focus on your goals and show lack of care to your team, you fail. Greed with money can also be a problem. Pay your bills. Pay your staff. Then pay yourself. That hierarchy doesn’t change. That’s how you ensure long term success. 

The sins of business are an easy trap to fall into, but also an easy trap to avoid. The only real sin is to let your business fail when it shouldn’t.  Use all resources available to you. Like Business Coaching. Know your limits, in all resources. Including time.  Don’t forget to give yourself time off.

Comparing your business to others will just encourage failure.  Keep your focus on the long term success of your business and always make sure that you are nurturing the human side. Staff, customers, suppliers. 

I want you to succeed. 

Vanessa Moore Perth Business Coach

How do I know I need a business coach, and when to start looking?

Often in business, we struggle. We hit a low point, and sometimes it's hard to see our way out of it. Some people have family, friends or mentors to help share the burden and help guide them through, and others choose to go it alone. Or do they?

How do I know I need a business coach, and when is the time to start looking?

At what point do you say to yourself enough is enough? At what point do you look in the mirror and think “I can't do this on my own anymore?”

 It takes courage to ask for help. It takes courage to admit the struggle. Often, it feels like failure. The biggest failure is not asking for help. Remember the seven deadly sins of failed business owners. Pride? Vanity?

Failure is a choice. Success is a choice. The decision to ask for help, to make that choice, takes courage, so ask yourself this question, when I started this business, what was my vision? How did I see my life as a business owner, and what life would that business create for me?

How do I know I need a business coach, and when is the time to start looking?

So, when is it time to start looking for a business coach? 

Here are a few tips. 

1.When the vision is gone or you can no longer see or feel it. 

2.When the struggle starts and you feel those taps on the shoulder that something isn't right.

3.When you are constantly in chaos and control never seems to be in reach. 

4.When the dissatisfaction becomes greater than the resistance. 

5.When you finally realize that you are ready to take those first steps back to your vision.

How do I know I need a business coach, and when is the time to start looking?

In my experience, many people say they would like to meet with me and take up the offer of a free one-hour business coaching session. Almost everyone sees the value, knows and sees the potential of what working with a business coach can help them achieve. There are some who remain sceptical and are full of "I know," and others can't admit they need help or accept it. Then there is the investment, or the cost as they say, that stops them from moving ahead.

In my 15 years as a business coach in Perth, out of every 10 people, 2 are either not coachable, or the business has gone so far toward the dark side that it can't be saved. So when you ask, "Do I know I need a business coach?" 

My answer,

 Now, stop the chaos from hitting." If you are in control and your vision is foreseeable, business coaching can get you there faster.

Now, before you lose yourself in the chaos, your marriage or your sanity ... 

Now, while you are still young enough, so that you can achieve, so that you can sell it or earn positive income to enjoy the life you chose when you started this business.

How do I know I need a business coach, and when is the time to start looking?

Ask yourself if you are happy

Ask yourself if there is more that you could be doing to have the business and the life you want

Ask yourself, am I the best version of me or could I be better

Ask yourself, am I prepared to sit back and let whatever happens, happen? Or am I going to make the choice to be more, do more and have more.


Having a business coach can be the difference between having it sooner and not having it at all!

Vanessa Moore Perth Business Coach.

The danger of losing sight of your vision

When you’re the one in charge, there’s a certain pressure to always be on. Emails pile up. The phone is ringing. There’s always a fire you need to put out. It’s continuous. And really, that’s what you wanted. You wanted to be busy.


Because a busy business is a profitable one. 


But some days the pressure builds up. And it starts to feel relentless. Being “always on” starts to wear you down. You’re wearing too many hats, but there’s bills to pay. So you keep the pressure on yourself. You start to grind. 


Stop right there.  You’ve just entered the danger zone. Can you see the flashing lights saying ‘wrong way, turn back’?  You’ve lost sight of your vision. 


You’re too entrenched in the day to day.


Acting like an employee, not like the boss that you are. 


You’ve forgotten that the only one turning up the pressure is you. 


You love what you do, but on those bad days, it can be hard to remember exactly why you love running your business. 


It’s a dangerous space to be in. When you lose sight of your vision, your business is running you. Your business becomes just another job. 


You continue to work without your vision, it continues to eat away at your confidence. That leads to less clients. Less cash flow. More stress.  


If you find yourself in this space, you need to reconnect to your vision.

When all you can see is pressure and stress, there’s a few questions you can ask yourself. 

  • What are the triggers that bring you to this place of disconnection?
  • Is there a pattern? 
  • How do you identify it?
  • What do you do to say STOP – I need to reset?
  • Who do you talk to?
  • Where do you go to reset?
  • Do you remember your Why? Or has that changed?

It’s great if you have someone on your team who can ask you these questions. Friends, other business owners, your mentor. They will help you get back on track and re focus. 


It’s super important to know when to pull back and reduce pressure on yourself. Sometimes you have to walk away. Humans are like computers. We get overloaded. Turn yourself off and back on again. Disconnect and refocus for the next day. 


Go for a coffee. Go for a walk. Go to the beach. Play candy crush. Whatever your reset button is. 

Remember what you love about your business. 

Why you do what you do. 

Get back in touch with your vision. 


Have someone around that will notice if you’re about to run headlong into a wall. Who can tell you to take a day off. Or even an hour or two. When you really need to do what is absolutely necessary to do, right now, then take a few large steps back. 


Tomorrow is another day.

If you’re drowning in business pressure, then don’t ignore the life raft. 


There is help available all you need to do is ask for it. Search for those people that can help you, support you and take you forward. Reset your vision. As a business coach I work with business owners to help them get out of day to day overwhelm of working a job and help them step into a true CEO position where their business works for them and not the other way around.


Is it time to get you back in alignment with your vision?


Vanessa Moore Perth Business Coach


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